Wave At Kepler!

Welcome to #waveatkepler!

On December 10th/11th, the Kepler Space Telescope will be pointing at Earth and taking a photo for 30 minutes. We want to get the entire world to wave at Kepler when it takes the photo! Scroll down below for details about how to find where Kepler will be on the sky, and when you should wave!

Find Kepler

You can also use the Night Sky app to locate Kepler with your iPhone. Download the app below, and search "Kepler" between December 9th and 11th.


About Kepler

The Kepler Space Telescope is a space observatory launched by NASA in 2009 to discover Earth-sized planets orbiting other stars. In its 8 years of operation, it has identified over 2500 confirmed “exoplanets” around other stars, revolutionizing our understanding of planet formation.

After the second reaction wheel failure, Kepler started a new mission called K2. Since Kepler can no longer continuously point at the original field, the telescope now points at 4 fields per year spaced around the ecliptic plane. On December 10th, 2017, as part of K2 Campaign 16, the spacecraft will point towards home and for 30 minutes capture a picture of the Earth and Moon!

For more details on the Kepler/K2 mission: